Why Buy A Bus

Need a great bus for your school, daycare or activity center? Buying used can save you money now and over time.



The most popular buses for schools, churches, daycares and activity center are Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSAB). Though they are perfect for a variety of organizations, they can be expensive. But you can save significant money by buying a used MFSAB. A new 14-passenger MFSAB runs $52,000-$65,000 (depending on engine type and features). On the other hand, a used bus can cost half of that (our 2003 – 2012 models run $19,500-$32,500 – please contact us for specific pricing and details).

MFSAB are very durable buses. If properly maintained, they can last for many years and offer great service and rides their entire lifespan.



If you need a large school bus (66-passenger bus, 72-passenger bus, or 78-passenger bus), you can save significant money by buying a used one. Prices on new large school buses range between $90,000 and $150,000), but we keep an inventory of 2005-2010 models that are priced under $35,000.

Additionally, in 2008, emissions regulations became stricter. In new buses, the diesel engines now require more components to reduce pollution. These components, such as Re-Gen Systems and Diesel Fuel Particulate Systems, can be very costly to maintain. Thus, buying a used “Pre-Emissions Bus” (models before 2008) can save you significant money over time, as the buses have lower maintenance costs.

Just like with MFSABs, used large school buses are generally very durable. If properly maintained, used school buses are capable of long and good service.



At Carolina Bus Sales & Service, we carry and service the top names in bus lines. We keep in stock used buses for these brands:

  • Thomas Built Buses
  • Blue Bird Corp
  • International Bus
  • Collins Bus Corp
  • Trans Tech Bus

By buying a used Thomas Built Bus, a used Blue Bird bus, or any of our other top brands, you can save money while still getting the quality you expect from leading bus manufacturers.

There are many factors that determine the price, long-term costs and longevity of a used school bus. We strongly encourage potential customers to contact us to discuss your needs and your budget. We’re happy to walk you through all the stages and questions of why and how to buy a used school bus.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Your service and bus were great! Everything went well. I have given your name to several other 4H Clubs. We got a great minibus!

Sondra Williams Fortner, 4H Clubs, Johnson County, GA