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Many operations across the nation has had a critical issue of driver shortages for several years. Finding solutions has proved to be challenging. Here are a few low-cost solutions that Shenendedowa Central School District (SCSD) in New York have implemented:

  • Build your substitute driver list. SCSD found that on any given day at least 15 out of 195 drivers were out. During the fall and spring sports season 15 more were needed for sports trips.
  • Advertise drivers needed on the side of a bus not running on a daily basis. A banner for the bus can can be created for less than advertising in a newspaper or online. Park it where it can be seen, alternating parking spots. Applicants told SCSD that the ad was something they spotted every day. Eventually, it caused them to stop by and inquire about the positions.
  • Get support from the administration department of your school district. More people involved in recruiting, the better.
  • Utilize social media. Put a recruitment letter on your districts website, Twitter and/or Facebook pages. Create an email to send to every community member you have in your district database.
  • Produce a recruitment video. Interview current drivers on why they like working for your district. Details of the job and pay ranges can also be discussed here.

The lesson learned by SCSD was to not rest on your laurels, but to continue efforts looking for the best applicants to keep your driver pool healthy. It’s an ongoing project.

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