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When it comes to purchasing a used school bus, you may already know a lot more than you think about making the right choice. Executives seasoned in both buying and selling in the used bus market say the experience bears a resemblance to a used car purchase.

One of the most important things to look for is a healthy engine with a lot of life left. The chassis is a big consideration – its where you have the biggest cost factor, according to Gavin Berwald, transportation supervisor for Beachwood (Ohio) City Schools. Uncover the past of the school bus if you can.

It is not uncommon for an older bus to have had an engine or transmission replaced, which changes the effective age as indicated by the mileage report. Documentation of these replacements is very important. You need to know if the replacement was new or used and how long ago the replacement was made to help determine the life of the vehicle.

An inspection by your mechanic can help in making a decision on which bus is good for your company, school or church. Buyers should also check state and federal guidelines before purchasing a used school bus, which includes whether or not your company will need a driver with a commercial driver’s license. Financing is another consideration. Most companies will have a financing plan in place for any potential buyers, with various options available through the dealer or other financial institutions.

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