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Adam Bookbinder makes no secret of his love for the yellow bus. The subject often comes up on the air during the Go Country 105 FM morning show in Los Angeles.

For example, he often shares with listeners stories about his vast collection of model school buses. He drinks his coffee from a school-bus tumbler. He brags about his school bus tattoo. He has an uncanny ability to remember the most minute details about school buses he rode as a kid in New Jersey.

At the elementary school he went to, the bus driver’s name was Edie, and the bus company was Hillman’s Bus Service, based in Berlin, New Jersey. She drove a H31 and it was a Thomas Built bus. He even remembers what the flashers were like.

In junior high, he would take a bus that was a Blue Bird. Adam said it was a big deal because the school had these flat nose All-American Blue Birds. At Cherry Hill Public Schools, all of their buses were gasoline. Most places had diesel, but they had gasoline, and that is still a sound that he misses hearing.

Then, in high school, he would ride the bus, and still remembers all of the numbers of those buses and all the driver’s names.

Still to this day, he says he has no clue what brought this on, but he is still fascinated with all things buses.  Everybody that knows Adam, knows how much he loves school buses. Even when he was in high school, during his last period class, he would watch the buses line up on the side of the building, waiting for school to let out and students to board them.

Adam says it’s his little claim to fame … It’s just something he loves!

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