Building Your Bus Fleet


Are you building a used bus fleet? Whether you’re opening a new school, expanding to a new location or launching a new activities program, Carolina Bus Sales is here for you as you plan. We can assist you in developing a long term or intermediate transportation plan for you and your students as your organization grows. We’re also here when you’re in a pinch and quickly need safe and ample bus transportation.

We often work with principals, executive directors, pastors, and program managers whose needs for a used school bus or used activity bus shift and grow quickly, such as during the launch of a new after-school program that unexpectedly increases enrollment. The need to purchase a 14-passenger bus or MFSAB may shift to needing a larger capacity bus or an additional used bus to accommodate a larger group. You need an experienced, fleet development professional on your team to grow your organization!

Over time, it’s not unusual for our customers to build a small used bus fleet(and in some cases a large used bus fleet), which we can support and service. We can also guide customers toward trusted financing and delivery partners. We often work with these types of customers across the Southeast and beyond to build a used bus fleet:

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Your service and bus were great! Everything went well. I have given your name to several other 4H Clubs. We got a great minibus!

Sondra Williams Fortner, 4H Clubs, Johnson County, GA