sell school bus fast

To sell a school bus fast is one of the main objectives and aims of many producers or marketing agents or individuals. Any business person will always desire a fast return for reinvestment or carry out other major projects. How to sell a bus fast, will consider many things looking at some two key strategies, the fastest medium and the fastest websites where one can sell a bus fast.

Two Key Strategies to consider in order to sell your school bus fast

Selling a used bus or a new manufactured bus fast is very good but must be strategic. No seller who went to the market desires to leave the market late or go back with what was brought to the market. This means selling a bus fast is already competitive, but one has to more competitive. Some of these key strategies have been aligned in order;

Advertise your bus

It is good to make customers know the is a used bus or newly manufacture bus in the market for sale, of this brand, quality, size, engine, miles, and many other characteristics, convincing and persuading them to buy the bus. You can advertise your bus online on popular websites like Facebook, Google, and public auction websites with a premium to make it trending to all buyers searching for a bus on these websites. This form of advertisement is less stressful though Premium may be demanded before using some websites. Place to place and door to door advertisement is good but stressful and costly but it can yield fast results.

Make the Price Negotiable

No buyer wants to be embarrassed with a high constant price of a bus in the process of trying to buy it and leaving without achieving his/her objective. Making the price negotiation will attract all sorts of customers in which many of these customers will be ready to pay for the high price of the bus.

Three fastest mediums to sell your bus fast

The two fastest medium to sell your bus fast is online advertisement and to register it any current public or private auction;

1)Bus Sales Company: A bus sales company knows the value of your bus and can quickly purchase it from you on the spot. Carolina Bus Sales professionals can quickly make an assessment and pay you cash for your vehicle.

2) Online advertisement: Online advertisement is the fastest medium to sell your bus fast. This is because online advertisement is global and millions of buyers are online 24 hours searching for goods and services to buy. Online is a medium for greater market access in no few hours or days. Online, you can sell your bus fast on Facebook marketplace, busesonline website, skoolie websites, amazon, and YouTube.

3) Registered it in public auction show: This medium to sell your bus far is very good because, before anybody attends a public auction conference or Jamboree, they have prepared themselves to buy any good that is on auction. This is a high probability to sell your bus fast as compare of place to place advertisement.

Two fastest websites to sell your bus fast (Facebook marketplace): Once you have a Facebook account, you can carry out a public advertisement or advertisement to your Facebook contacts, in less than 1 minutes, the is a probability to reach a million buyers online already asking for the price and shop to check the bus Buses’ online website is the easiest and fastest way to sell new and used motorcoaches, school buses, and all categories of buses. After creating your buses online account, you can list your items for sale with no monthly charges or commission for standard users but a small one-time fee for the listing and the classified listing will be posted until it sells at a trending rate.


new school bus or used


With a new school bus or a used, each has its advantages and its disadvantages.  Whether you want to go for a new bus or used bus, many things have to be taken into consideration.


Price or cost of the bus

If you wish to buy a bus at the lowest price but with higher maintenance and repair costs, buy a used bus. But if you wish to buy a bus at a higher quality price with generally lower maintenance and repair cost, buy a new school bus. A used school bus price is usually between $20,000-40,000 and a new school bus $50,000 and above.  The other downside of buying new is that you will have more depreciation. As they say with new cars, they lose a lot of value as soon as you drive them off the sales lot.

 The purpose of buying the bus

If the purpose for which you are to buy the bus is to use it for a shorter time, consider a used but. Perhaps you need to overcome major road or transportation problems faced by students. Or there is significant road construction or seasonal hazards like heavy rainfall accompanied with hailstone and flooding, a used bus is preferable.

The quality of the bus

If you need a lower cost bus, you will likely get a used bus. But if you need a school bus with lower maintenance, you will likely give some consideration to buying a new bus. This does not mean that all used buses are of low quality. As a matter of fact, a good quality used school bus can have less maintenance problems than and new bus. But in many cases they will wear out more quickly.


Both a new and a used has their advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages:

Maintenance Costs

Buying a used bus may seem more budget-friendly from the start, but as with anything you buy is used, you have to consider the hidden costs, such as maintenance.  This is because a used school that has some wear and tear and may demand more maintenance cost and repair than a new school bus.  However used school buses have a very long life. The average life of a school bus is 12 to 15 years.


A new bus will last longer, be safer, and spend more time making money for your business instead of bleeding money into repairs. How many more miles can you get out of a used bus before it becomes too expensive to maintain or repair? When you buy an eBay Motor bus, you get the bus industry’s best warranty and after-sale support experience. For that peace of mind, the investment is worth it.

Fewer Lost Business Opportunities

With a used bus, in addition to the cost of repairs, there’s a lot of things to consider: You could lose a lot of business if your bus is out of order, especially if problems occur during the height of your busy season. Time-consuming repairs could make you lose a lot of customers will consider you ineffective and not safe, especially when the bus always suffer significant damages and accidents, which portray a bad picture to customers.

Fewer Safety Concerns

A used bus can’t offer the same security as a new one; even if you thoroughly check every part of the bus twice, there’s still an element of uncertainty. You may not be able to ascertain how well the previous owner treated the bus accurately, and that lack of knowledge can put you at risk. However, it is very possible to oversee a new bus’s maintenance from the start. You’ll know everything about its repair history and feel assured of your passengers’ safety.


maintain school bus


A school bus, whether it is new, old, or used, no matter the cost, will eventually need maintenance to keep it working. Once a school bus does not well or maintained, it will depreciate faster over time. Maintaining a school bus involves keeping the school bus active, alive, functioning, or in service. They are two key things to know about maintaining a School bus: Preserving the School bus and repairing it.

How to preserve your school bus?

Preservation will guarantee a school bus a longer lifespan, whether it a new or a used school bus. In many situations, it is common to see a used school bus very active, functioning, and having no more constant repairs than a newly manufactured school bus. It is all due to the work of preservation. Below are some of the ways on how to preserve your school bus.

Get a professional driver for your school bus

If you are not good at driving, get someone who is best with professional skills in driving who will be able to avoid slight and major damages that will shorten your school bus’s lifespan.

Design the best routes which your school bus will use to transport students to and from school

There will always exist many roads that will jeopardize your school bus’s lifespan, especially roads made up of rocks, potholes, meandering roads. Students who live on the hillside or hilltop should come down, and those in the valley come up to the top to meet the bus at its best moving spot.

Cool down the engine after every use by evening

This is not difficult if you have a professional bus technician for your bus who will take care of this. Cooling down the engine is to avoid unexpected damages caused by hot fuel, heat produced by vibration which can damage the bus over time.

Temporarily suspend the use of your bus

In cases where the weather is not very good like the case of flooding, heavy downfall of rain, you can suspend the use of the bus. But this should last for at least one or two days so that it wouldn’t put some students in anguish.


Using a school bus over time, whether it is well preserved or not, will always suffer some slight and major damages in the course of its usage and operation. Though you may not be a technician, they are certain things you should know about repairing your school bus;

Seek advice

If your school bus suffers slight or major damage, you can seek advice from your buyer on how it should be repaired and who should repair it.

Get a professional technician for your school bus

If you have a professional technician already, then it ok, nothing to worry about and be trouble about, he/she will handle the situation in no time. But if you don’t hire a professional company such as Carolina Bus Sales to take care of your bus.

Know how to repair your school bus yourself

You can spend time studying some books, watch videos on how to repair your school bus if you are not a technician. This will avoid you spending too many expenditures on maintenance and repairing your bus.


–          To avoid major damages

–          To give it a good, longer lifespan

–          To reduce expenditure on maintenance and repair

–          If your school bus is well preserved, you can resell it in the future at a good price as a used school bus.


best place to buy a used school bus


Where is the best place to buy a used school bus? Many companies and manufacturers are involved in marketing used school buses for sale with different brand, size, quality and life span. It will be always good to search the best places used school buses are sold.

Public Bus Auction Websites

These are good places to find cheap used school buses for sale, but watch for the quality! Buses at the public bus auction websites can be bought at a very low cost since they are sold with a reduced discount as the state is not out to make a profit as compared to other private profit-making organizations. These Websites cut across the national boundary as the state has the capital and means of the transaction, both national and international. Some of these websites are;

The Best Place to Buy a Used School Bus in the Southeast

Carolina Bus Sales. Great customer service is their motto. They love what they stand for and their company values. They have great quality in their products and they make the effort search for great buses and know everything about them before showing them to customers.

“They stand by their name and are confident in everything they sell. Everything from them as been great. We are happy with our purchase and would recommend them to anyone in need of their products.” -Mark and Jennifer, Rhythm’s Jumpstart LLC

The Best Place to Buy a Used School Bus in the Northwest

Wisconsin Surplus. managed in Wisconsin, which the state used to do a lot of transactions and auction of school buses within the simplest context.

The Best Place to Buy a Used School Bus in the Southwest

Public Surplus., runs in Texas, Arizona, and many states down south with many public auction buses.

Facebook Marketplace

If you are looking for a cheap used school bus but not too concerned with quality, Facebook marketplace has different categories of used school buses for sale by schools, churches, manufacturers, and other organizations. Many companies are on Facebook so as with the case of Google, YouTube, and other social media platform. This means the is a high tendency to search and get a used school bus at the cheapest price.


Craigslist is also a very good site to find any used school bus for sale. but the skoolie site seems to be more advantageous over Craigslist as it does not require any field to search for a used School bus for sale. Here buses are listed according to each city that has Craigslist, the type of school buses there and how the transaction can be done. Be careful about the quality and condition of these buses.

eBay Motors

eBay motor is a good website to find many used school buses for sale. eBay motors used many different filters to enable a fast and flexible search for any used school buses for sale from specific manufactures, year ranges, price ranges, sizes, miles on the odometer. But the eBay website requires buyers to also travel to the location and company where the buses are available since all information about the characteristics and nature of the bus and the different brands of the buses are not fully disclosed on the website. Also, responding to questions from customers seems to slow.


So here you have the best places to buy a used school bus. Just keep in mind that with some of these places(especially the last 3 listed here) you need to be careful with what you buy.



finding a used school bus


Finding a used, good school bus for sale is just a matter of searching and searching to get the best. Used school buses for sale are of different categories base on the cost, producer or manufacturer, and the size of the bus. In the process of finding a used school bus for sale, these things are to be thinking into consideration to make the process more successful.

In the USA, finding a school bus for sale is very fast and simple. This is due to the high communication network here. The Internet is very fast, and there exist many online companies who are ready to bring the available good or services to the reach of the clients rather than going in searching and searching to get the actual locations of these companies to carry out the transaction. Moving from one place to another is very fast and simple, looking as the fast and cheap means of transportation and flow. Physical communication and transaction are better so that one can carry out a fair transaction.

How do you buy a used school bus for sale?

Once you find a used school bus, buying a used school bus for sale must be done with more precaution. Don’t get too excited with the low prices of the buses. This is because the main aim of buying a used school bus for sale is getting a school bus at the lowest prices. I most cases a newly manufactured school bus will cost a very high price.

What to know before buying a used bus?

To avoid unnecessary excitement that can cause someone to choose the wrong thing at the lowest price, finding and buying a used school bus for sale is not just a matter of money. There are some important characteristics of buses. Some of the characteristics that can be observed are; lots of rust, weird engine noises, tires not wearing evenly, very bald or cracking tires, service history, and mileage. In addition to these characteristics, another important aspect is to know if the bus is close to its  lifespan. Of course if a bus is near the end of its useful life, it will not give you the service that you are looking for.

How much can a used school bus cost?

It’s one thing to find a used school bus. A used bus is usually cheap as compare to a newly manufactured one. But depending on the size of the buses, the manufacturer, and the quality of the bus, different prices can be attributed to it.


buy a school bus


If you are looking to buy a school bus, there are a few options to chose from. A school bus can be a short bus, a mid-sized bus, or a full-sized bus. Every school bus is different, but a few basic items to watch out for include: lots of rust, weird engine noises, tires not wearing evenly, very bald or cracking tires, service history, and mileage. All these items above define the quality of the bus. The size of the bus is also a matter of concern so that the objective of buying the school can be met.

How can one differentiate between a good and a bad school bus for sale?

When buying a school bus, it is very important to differentiate between a good and a bad school bus for sale to avoid the costly mistake of getting the wrong thing at a high price instead of getting the best thing even at its lowest price. To help you differentiate between a good or a bad bus, the following quality checks should be taken into consideration:

The quality of the bus for sale

Lots of rust, weird engine noises, tires not wearing evenly, very bald or cracking tires, service history, and mileage are said to be very important components that define the quality of a bus. You, as a buyer, will need the services of the bus engineer to readout these items before a school is bought, seeing that the seller may not point out these characteristics of the bus, which may cost him a sale. When the school bus is still new, some of these items are stated in the bus booklet.

The age of the bus for sale

From a normal perspective, an old school bus is usually of low quality and highly depreciated or worn down, while a new school bus is mostly of high quality and good to buy. But it all depends on the manufacturer of the bus as some new school buses may wear down very fast while some may take years and still be very effective.

Cost of the bus for sale

Things of high quality are mostly sold at very high prices. Therefore, buying a good school bus will depend on the prices at which it is to be bought compare to the prices of other similar school buses. A low price may indicate low quality, and a high price may indicate high quality, but it all depends on the production company as some high-quality companies may sell high-quality school buses at lower prices.

Other aspects that may define a good school bus for sale are: bus lengths/number of windows, wheelchair door placement, number of emergency exits, interior ceiling heights, cruise control, type of braking system, transmission model type, and model of engine

How much does a good school bus for sale cost

Looking at the size, age, and quality of a school bus for sale, it may have different prices. For instance, a school bus with a mid-length of 2000 international, an 18 widow side bus with 30 feet, with 189k miles on a solid DT466E engine will cost about $4,000. A used school bus for sale with a low amount of surface rust and between 80,000 and 180,000 miles will cost between $3,000 and $10,000.

Where can one get the best school bus for sale at the lowest price?

The best places to buy a used school bus here at, government auction sites, Facebook marketplace, craigslist, and eBay Motors etc.

Must Have Safety Features in a School Bus


Must have safety features in a school bus

When purchasing a used school bus, there are must have safety features in a school bus. Safety is of huge importance. And here are a few safety features that are a must-have in your school bus. If they are not available in a used school bus for sale, give some serious thought about adding these features after your purchase.

1.    A high degree of visibility

Your school bus should have a high degree of visibility. They have to stand out amongst pedestrians and motorists. That is the reason why they are painted bright yellow. Make sure the bus has the extended stop arms that pops-ups when the school bus stops, which will notify others that the children are wither boarding or alighting from it.

The drivers also have to clearly see the roads, making sure the windshields are clean and well visible.

2. Advanced GPS system and features

Your bus has to have advanced geolocation features that help the driver by indicating the exact speed, location, etc. This helps the driver follow the planned route and stay within the speed limit, and avoid any unforeseen hazards.

3. Anchored seats for the children

The seats on the school bus have to be designed to be well anchored in place. They should have extra padding to avoid injuries. The seats should have high backs, which are design to be firm and not move from their place in the event of a Collison or crash.

4. Child Check-Mate System

The CHILD Check Mate system is an electronic system that reminds the driver to check the bus to see if there are any children that have fallen asleep, during the drive so they don’t miss their designated stops.

5. First aid boxes

Having a first aid box is essential and would be very helpful in accidents and injuries.

6. Fire extinguisher installation

Fires can break out anytime in a school bus, and fire extinguishers should be installed on the school bus in multiple locations. Regular inspection and maintenance of the school bus will reduce the probability of a fire occurring because any potential fire hazard will be seen and fixed.

Fire suppression systems should also be employed, which will activate certain fire extinguishing features once a set temperature has been reached. Heat sensors should also be installed to monitor any abnormal temperature rise.

7. Compartmentalization design

School buses should use the compartmentalization design. Unlike other vehicles, the compartmentalization design helps spread the forces generated due to crashes or collisions in a different way than traditional vehicles. These buses feature seats that are designed to absorb energy and are closely spaced. These help keep the children safe.

8. CCTV inside buses

Real-time monitoring with CCTV cameras in buses will help prevent accidents and incidents and will be very useful to help reconstruct the events leading to an incident. This reduces the bad behaviors of students, drivers, and others.

9. Placement of mirrors on the school bus

Properly placed mirrors in a school bus will enable the driver to see other motorists, objects, and students near or inside the bus. The mirrors should comply with motor safety standards. Theses 7 mirrors are advised for use in a school bus

  • Top-left glass mirror
  • Right convex mirror
  • Left convex mirror
  • Left cross-view mirror
  • Right cross-view mirror
  • Top Right flat glass mirror
  • Rear-view mirror (Interior)

10. Windows and horizontal bars

The windows should be fitted with horizontal bars to prevent students from putting their heads, hands, or any objects out through the window,

11. Emergency exits

All school buses should have multiple emergencies exist in case there is need for a quick exit, where time is of the essence.

12. Locks for school bus doors

The school bus doors should securely lock when the bus is in motion. Locks should come from trusted manufactures.

13. Lettering on the bus

The words “School Bus” must be painted on a school bus, in big, bold and easy to read sizes, that conform to safety standards. The telephone number of the bus should also be written.

These must have safety features in a school bus are essential. Safety features should help provide the safest school bus ride to the children.

How to Properly Maintain a Used School Bus 

how to maintain a used school bus

Maintaining a used school bus is essential, especially a used school bus if you want to make the most out of its life. Proper used school bus maintenance will not only extend the school bus’s life but it will also make its operation less painful, less of the breakdowns, less mechanical headaches. If you properly maintain your bus you will also protect the lives of your riders. The first thing to know is that proper maintenance is regular maintenance. You have to regularly check for any issues in your school bus.

Here are some guides on how to properly maintain a used school bus after every trip.

1. Proper refueling

Refueling your school bus can seem like a no-brainer, but did you know there is a preferable way, more specifically, time to refuel your school bus. This is important if you want to properly maintain your used school bus. If possible, always try to refill your school bus in the evenings or nights rather than in the mornings before trips. We do this so that overnight condensation caused by water vapor in an empty fuel tank will not occur. The presence of water in the fuel will eventually cause harm to the engines in the long run. 

2. How to park the bus properly

At the end of the day, it is advised that after you set the parking brake and set the transmission to neutral, instead of quickly turning off the engines, you should let it slowly idle for some time, as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions. Letting the engine of your school bus slowly idle will lubricate all the parts, which is especially important for diesel vehicles, which most school buses are. 

3. Inspecting the interior

It is always a good habit to check your interior after every trip. The most convenient time to do this is while your engines idle after the trip. Use that tie to check for any interior damage to the seats and windows. If possible, fix the damages before the next trip. Also, check the seats for sleeping students, any lost books or items and properly secure them. 

4. Maintain Proper Hygiene With Your Used School Bus

Maintaining proper bus hygiene is always a good thing. Sweep the floors and steps. This will encourage a clean bus policy. And also, wash the interior of the school bus periodically, including seats, windows, fabrics, floor rugs etc. 

5. Inspecting the exterior

Always inspect the exterior for any possible damages. Check for burned-out bulbs, deformed body panels, even the school bus’s underbody if possible, or any other issues that may need to be repaired. If the repairs are quick and easy, you can do them right away or get a professional mechanic for more intricate repairs.

By the time all the inspection is done, the engine should have idled long enough, get in the bus, turn off all the electrical components, shut off the engines, remove the keys and properly secure the bus until your next trip.

Regular inspection will help you catch any little problems before they grow into more complicated problems.

Following these steps regularly should ensure that your bus remains healthy and you experience a hitch-free time while it is alive.

Tips on Preparing Your Used School Bus for Sale

preparing your school bus for sale

 Have a used school bus you want to sell? Here are some things you need to know.

Selling a used school bus or going into the school bus resell business is not so straightforward. Here are some things you need to know to provide the best quality product to your buyers.

  1.     Buy the Used School Bus That People Want to Buy

It is essential that you buy a bus that is selling on the resale market, a bus that buyers ant. Find out what a buyer might want in their school buses, some features may not be necessary for you, but they are to your buyers. So consider that. Buyers are always interested in the unique safety features and technologies that will protect their passengers and keep the bus current with the times.

Going in for a clean, non-polluting bus option will also be of great help when reselling. Buyers want something that is as clean as possible to the environment, and you cannot go wrong with that.

  1.      Prepare Your Bus by Keeping Detailed Records

If you have a school bus you are planning to sell or buying a school bus to sell, keeping a detailed record of that bus’s maintenance is very much advised. Caring for that bus is critical if you are looking to get a high resale value. Buyers want to know what has been changed, altered, the bus’s condition, and how long the bus is expected to live. They want the confidence that you are selling something useful and of quality.

   Clean and Sanitize Your School Bus

When selling a used school bus, first impressions matter a lot. It is essential that when you are selling a bus, you are selling a clean school bus. You want to ensure the safety of the children that would ride on your bus.

When cleaning, pay close attention to the places that children are most likely to hold onto, The stability bars that run through the middle of the bus, the handlebars on the back of the seat, windows, window ledges, and the seats, etc.

Clean Your School Bus First

Before sanitizing the bus, you first of all have to clean it. Clean the bus’s floors and windows thoroughly, preferable with the use of a handheld vacuum cleaner that will suck out the dust rather than a broom that could spread the bus in the air. Investing in cleaning equipment for your school bus would be good. You could even install a HEPA filter in the vacuum cleaner to remove microbes and allergens from the surfaces.

You can also use soap and water for the floors, making sure to dry it off completely.

The next thing to look out for is the fabrics, carpets or rugs, window drapes, and seat covers. These fabrics have to be removed and cleaned separately in detergent and hot water and with a disinfectant. Always make sure the materials are completely dry before you put them back.

Also, clean the air conditioners and vents, wipe with a damp cloth and spray with a disinfectant.

Now You Can Disinfect The Bus

Once the cleaning is done, the next thing is to disinfect the bus. All surfaces have to be sanitized, paying close attention to the high contamination areas. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer for the disinfection. Wipe all surfaces with a clean cloth dipped in the sanitizer, then spray the disinfectant inside the bus.

Here are some sanitizing tips.

  •         While cleaning, always go from least soiled to the most soiled surface
  •         Sanitize before and after every trip
  •         Wear gloves while sanitizing
  •         Ensure COVID-19 safety measures are put into place

Following these basic guidelines should ensure you provide a safe product to the people that buy your bus.

Buying a Used School Bus? Here Are Some Tips for You

buying a used school bus

Buying a school bus can be a bit tricky. And if you want to get a good deal on a good bus, here are some things you might need to consider when making a choice. When buying a bus, the first decision you have to make is whether to buy a new or a used bus. Buying a used bus will be a lot less expensive than buying a new bus. If you decide to go for a used school bus, here are some things you might need to know to get the best deal.

Types of School Buses

Before buying a school bus, it’s good we know what we are buying. There are two types of school buses, which are the Conventional Buses and the Transit Style Buses.

Conventional Bus

These style of buses are the type that most school bus drivers are comfortable with. They are your conventional school bus, the ones you see on the streets most of the time. These have the advantage of good repairability as it is much easier for mechanics to work on. Their front wheel sits in front of the driver, along with the engine compartment and hood.

Transit Style Buses

This bus style has the same wheelbase length as a conventional bus but can seat more people. They can also be made on shorter wheelbases. There are two types of transit style buses. They

Rear engine buses

These type, as the name implies, have their engines in the rear. Drivers often prefer this type to the others because they do not have to experience the heat and noise from the engine. Unlike the other buses, the emergency doors are not at the back of the bus, but at the sides, which does affect the seating capacity.

Front engine buses

These style of Transit buses have their engines in the front, similar to the conventional school bus.

Things to keep in mind when buying a used school bus

Here are some things you much want to keep in mind when buying a used school bus

  1. The condition of the engine

Buying a used school bus can be like swimming in murky water, you don’t know what is coming. But checking the state of the engine should be a no brainer. You have to make sure your engine is in good condition before proceeding to buy.

Also, consider the terrain you would most be driving on, all buses are built to meet standard needs, but sometimes, you may need a more powerful engine.

Take into account how old the engine is and if it has been replaced or worked on. If it was replaced, try to find out if the replacement part was new or used. It is advised that you find a well-trained technician you can trust to inspect your engine so you don’t make a bad choice.

2. The history of the bus

When looking to buy a used school bus, looking at the bus’s history will help you out a lot. Try to find out about the details of the bus’s actual mileage, its service history, and if possible, the maintenance documentation of the bus as a whole. This would give you a clear idea of how the bus has been used, and how much usage you will get out of it. 

3.      Relevant laws and documentation

Always check for laws relating to buying a new or used school bus where you live. You want to make sure your school bus does not go against any laws before purchasing to avoid risk in the future.

Asking for and having proper documentation about the bus is also very essential. It can give you a time frame when the engine was replaced (if it was), which will help you calculate its future life span.

 Inspect the bus’s Body parts

Inspecting the body of your bus is essential for safety reasons. You have to do a thorough sweep of the bus.  Observe the body very closely, check for any rust, or corrosion, check the floor and the steps. You really can’t go wrong by being thorough. Having a trained bus technician do a DOT-type inspection will help you catch any little errors you might have missed or overlooked. 

  1. Safety Equipment

Another important thing you should keep in mind when purchasing, is if the school bus has any safety equipment or safety features. Ensure that the airbags, and anti-lock brakes, and any other safety features work. It is essential to put safety as a top priority to avoid any tragedy. You could have a tracking device installed on the school bus and a communication device with the driver. 

  1. Check for the availability of parts

It is important to know if parts for your school buses would easily be available before making a purchase. Older buses may require parts that are not widely available because of how old they are. Try to make sure you can easily get parts for your bus at a reasonable price if something goes wrong.

Buying school buses can be a lot cheaper than new ones, but can also be risky. Putting some of these tips to use will help you buy the best possible used school bus you can, so you won’t fall into problems because of a bad purchase decision.