maintain school bus


A school bus, whether it is new, old, or used, no matter the cost, will eventually need maintenance to keep it working. Once a school bus does not well or maintained, it will depreciate faster over time. Maintaining a school bus involves keeping the school bus active, alive, functioning, or in service. They are two key things to know about maintaining a School bus: Preserving the School bus and repairing it.

How to preserve your school bus?

Preservation will guarantee a school bus a longer lifespan, whether it a new or a used school bus. In many situations, it is common to see a used school bus very active, functioning, and having no more constant repairs than a newly manufactured school bus. It is all due to the work of preservation. Below are some of the ways on how to preserve your school bus.

Get a professional driver for your school bus

If you are not good at driving, get someone who is best with professional skills in driving who will be able to avoid slight and major damages that will shorten your school bus’s lifespan.

Design the best routes which your school bus will use to transport students to and from school

There will always exist many roads that will jeopardize your school bus’s lifespan, especially roads made up of rocks, potholes, meandering roads. Students who live on the hillside or hilltop should come down, and those in the valley come up to the top to meet the bus at its best moving spot.

Cool down the engine after every use by evening

This is not difficult if you have a professional bus technician for your bus who will take care of this. Cooling down the engine is to avoid unexpected damages caused by hot fuel, heat produced by vibration which can damage the bus over time.

Temporarily suspend the use of your bus

In cases where the weather is not very good like the case of flooding, heavy downfall of rain, you can suspend the use of the bus. But this should last for at least one or two days so that it wouldn’t put some students in anguish.


Using a school bus over time, whether it is well preserved or not, will always suffer some slight and major damages in the course of its usage and operation. Though you may not be a technician, they are certain things you should know about repairing your school bus;

Seek advice

If your school bus suffers slight or major damage, you can seek advice from your buyer on how it should be repaired and who should repair it.

Get a professional technician for your school bus

If you have a professional technician already, then it ok, nothing to worry about and be trouble about, he/she will handle the situation in no time. But if you don’t hire a professional company such as Carolina Bus Sales to take care of your bus.

Know how to repair your school bus yourself

You can spend time studying some books, watch videos on how to repair your school bus if you are not a technician. This will avoid you spending too many expenditures on maintenance and repairing your bus.


–          To avoid major damages

–          To give it a good, longer lifespan

–          To reduce expenditure on maintenance and repair

–          If your school bus is well preserved, you can resell it in the future at a good price as a used school bus.


best place to buy a used school bus


Where is the best place to buy a used school bus? Many companies and manufacturers are involved in marketing used school buses for sale with different brand, size, quality and life span. It will be always good to search the best places used school buses are sold.

Public Bus Auction Websites

These are good places to find cheap used school buses for sale, but watch for the quality! Buses at the public bus auction websites can be bought at a very low cost since they are sold with a reduced discount as the state is not out to make a profit as compared to other private profit-making organizations. These Websites cut across the national boundary as the state has the capital and means of the transaction, both national and international. Some of these websites are;

The Best Place to Buy a Used School Bus in the Southeast

Carolina Bus Sales. www.carolinabussales.com: Great customer service is their motto. They love what they stand for and their company values. They have great quality in their products and they make the effort search for great buses and know everything about them before showing them to customers.

“They stand by their name and are confident in everything they sell. Everything from them as been great. We are happy with our purchase and would recommend them to anyone in need of their products.” -Mark and Jennifer, Rhythm’s Jumpstart LLC

The Best Place to Buy a Used School Bus in the Northwest

Wisconsin Surplus. Wisconsinsurplus.com managed in Wisconsin, which the state used to do a lot of transactions and auction of school buses within the simplest context.

The Best Place to Buy a Used School Bus in the Southwest

Public Surplus. Publicsurplus.com, runs in Texas, Arizona, and many states down south with many public auction buses.

Facebook Marketplace

If you are looking for a cheap used school bus but not too concerned with quality, Facebook marketplace has different categories of used school buses for sale by schools, churches, manufacturers, and other organizations. Many companies are on Facebook so as with the case of Google, YouTube, and other social media platform. This means the is a high tendency to search and get a used school bus at the cheapest price.


Craigslist is also a very good site to find any used school bus for sale. but the skoolie site seems to be more advantageous over Craigslist as it does not require any field to search for a used School bus for sale. Here buses are listed according to each city that has Craigslist, the type of school buses there and how the transaction can be done. Be careful about the quality and condition of these buses.

eBay Motors

eBay motor is a good website to find many used school buses for sale. eBay motors used many different filters to enable a fast and flexible search for any used school buses for sale from specific manufactures, year ranges, price ranges, sizes, miles on the odometer. But the eBay website requires buyers to also travel to the location and company where the buses are available since all information about the characteristics and nature of the bus and the different brands of the buses are not fully disclosed on the website. Also, responding to questions from customers seems to slow.


So here you have the best places to buy a used school bus. Just keep in mind that with some of these places(especially the last 3 listed here) you need to be careful with what you buy.



finding a used school bus


Finding a used, good school bus for sale is just a matter of searching and searching to get the best. Used school buses for sale are of different categories base on the cost, producer or manufacturer, and the size of the bus. In the process of finding a used school bus for sale, these things are to be thinking into consideration to make the process more successful.

In the USA, finding a school bus for sale is very fast and simple. This is due to the high communication network here. The Internet is very fast, and there exist many online companies who are ready to bring the available good or services to the reach of the clients rather than going in searching and searching to get the actual locations of these companies to carry out the transaction. Moving from one place to another is very fast and simple, looking as the fast and cheap means of transportation and flow. Physical communication and transaction are better so that one can carry out a fair transaction.

How do you buy a used school bus for sale?

Once you find a used school bus, buying a used school bus for sale must be done with more precaution. Don’t get too excited with the low prices of the buses. This is because the main aim of buying a used school bus for sale is getting a school bus at the lowest prices. I most cases a newly manufactured school bus will cost a very high price.

What to know before buying a used bus?

To avoid unnecessary excitement that can cause someone to choose the wrong thing at the lowest price, finding and buying a used school bus for sale is not just a matter of money. There are some important characteristics of buses. Some of the characteristics that can be observed are; lots of rust, weird engine noises, tires not wearing evenly, very bald or cracking tires, service history, and mileage. In addition to these characteristics, another important aspect is to know if the bus is close to its  lifespan. Of course if a bus is near the end of its useful life, it will not give you the service that you are looking for.

How much can a used school bus cost?

It’s one thing to find a used school bus. A used bus is usually cheap as compare to a newly manufactured one. But depending on the size of the buses, the manufacturer, and the quality of the bus, different prices can be attributed to it.