Thomas Built Buses has introduced a new feature for some of its school buses: auto-reversing doors.  The first-of-its-kind feature is available on all versions of Thomas Built Buses’ Saf-T-Liner C2 and allows the front entry doors to reopen automatically if they sense an object or obstruction in the doorway.  In operation, an audible alarm will sound and the doors will automatically reverse motion to return to the fully open position.

“Safety is our number-one priority, and even one incident of a child, backpack, or article of clothing getting caught in the entryway doors is one too many,” said Caley Edgerly, president and CEO of Thomas Built Buses. “While this new feature does not replace the need for drivers to be aware at all times, it is one more tool to assist in making sure that school buses remain the safest form of transportation to and from school.”

In the event of damage or environmental factors such as snow in the stepwell, the auto-reversing door system is equipped with a manual bypass option that will disable the obstruction detection and allow the driver to complete their bus route, according to the school bus manufacturer. Disabling the auto-reverse feature reportedly does not prevent normal operation of the entrance door.

The auto-reversing door feature is now available for order.