That’s the slogan the Wichita, Kansas, Public Schools is using in their new school bus driver recruitment video.  In the video, a training manager for the district’s contractor, First Student, explains what it takes to become a school bus driver as the local operation looks to bring new recruits on board – an issue that many districts and contractors across the nation still struggle with.

There are other commercial driving jobs that pay more than driving a school bus, but they don’t require transporting children.  Some potential drivers might prefer not to be responsible for several dozen children while navigating the roads.  But to others, the opportunity to contribute to children’s education and safety could be what sparks their interest in the job.  To address this issue, some school districts have held events in which they let job seekers try driving a school bus in a closed lot.  The goal is to show that these large vehicles are actually not that difficult to drive.

According to a School District Survey, 90% of respondents have some degree of school bus driver shortage.  It’s a critical time to get the word out in local communities about the need for school bus drivers before school starts again later this summer or early in the fall.