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School bus driver shortage has been a constant challenge for the industry. As a result, transportation departments are often asking drivers to take on more shifts and recruiting other staff members to complete routes.  While some departments may be able to do more with less and still maintain a commitment to safety, it’s important for drivers not to get lost in the shuffle.

Driver satisfaction is the key to developing a better workplace. Here are 10 tips for promoting positive driver engagement, from team-building activities to training resources that can help drivers do their job more effectively.

  1. Establish an Open-Door Policy – The drivers need to be able to see their directors and feel they are accessible.
  2. Conduct Engagement Surveys – Ask the drivers what they need and if they have any suggestions either face to face or on paper.
  3. Perform Driver Evaluations – Let the drivers know how they are performing.
  4. Choose a Theme for the School Year – Picking a theme helps drivers work with, and relate to, their passengers.
  5. Create a Rewards Program – The drivers need to feel that by rewarding their hard work, they are doing a great service.
  6. Offer Professional Development Training – Offer the drivers chances to further their knowledge.
  7. Host Team-Building Activities – By working together, the drivers can learn from each other.
  8. Develop Specialized Committees – Appoint a staff to work with the drivers promoting positivity.
  9. Participate in Community-Wide Events – Working on community events can promote camaraderie among the drivers.
  10. Celebrate the Drivers – No matter how big or small the celebration, the drivers enjoy the recognition that they are needed and doing a good job at getting our children back and forth to school.
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